Pay for Performance

Hollywood Design is a website developer that will design, create, ananlyze, and strategize for you, so that your website will drive traffic, manage content, and increase your company's revenue. 

Our Philosophy is different from other website designers'. We only get paid when we succeed ... and you can be sure that we do! For a low up-front fee, our clients gain world-class know-how. At Hollywood Design, our senior partners and in-house SEO experts create strategies for your site that are then implemented by our international teams. We have  programming and E-commerce teams along with award-winning UK & US designers who will design a website for you that will attract visitors and drive business. Hollywood Design is your partner in 54 languages.

Hollywood Design caters to small to medium businesses, from Realtors to pizza parlors, where an increase in web traffic means an increase in revenue. We integrate Google Apps into specialized sites for MIVA Merchant eCommerce.    

HD Realtor

We have our own specialized, unique Hollywood Design HD Realtor system. Selling ANY product or service  online? Our custom Google Apps have increased revenue for our clients and we have the testimonials to prove it!  Over 500,000 companies, including GE and Procter & Gamble, are using and integrating Google Apps. This system can help you, too, selling real estate or anything else online.


Proven cost savings  Google's web-based applications require no hardware or software.

Mobile E-mail and Calendar sync Employees can be productive on the go.

Sync with Microsoft® Outlook & BlackBerry Get the benefits of Apps

50X more storage than industry average 25 GB of email 
Full administrative controls IT admins can customize Google Apps to company needs.