I am a staff scientist in Jonathan Eisen's lab at the University of California, Davis, Genome Center, in the Dept. of Evolution and Ecology. I study the microbiome of animals and microbes in buildings where animals live, such as animal shelters and zoos.

I decided to become a biologist as a middle schooler when I became an avid snorkeler in the murky waters off of Martha’s Vineyard. A biology major at George Washington University, I spent much of my time in college on marine biology field trips. I completed a master’s degree in marine biology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where I studied population genetics and speciation in copepods. I conducted field surveys for invertebrates living in vernal pools and wetlands as an environmental consultant for several years. Subsequently, I went to UC Davis to pursue a Ph.D. in insect ecology. There I discovered the amazing evolutionary and ecological interactions between microbes and their animal hosts and never looked back. I have studied microbe-host interactions in mosquitoes, Daphnia (wee crustaceans), zebras, vultures, dogs, cats, and mummies.