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Voted far better than the Drudge Report!


The staff at Hollow Tree sifts through hundreds of news stories and blog posts throughout the day to pick out the best, the latest and the most important material.


Our massive OPML file, collected since the earliest days of RSS technology, allows us to pick out the breaking news as soon as it happens, to find the most stimulating blog material and to deliver the important news that you would have otherwise missed.


It is our sincere hope that the Hollow Tree news feed fills in the gaps of your media diet, and provides a quick, hassle-free way for you to stay better informed about what's happening around the world.


You can read this feed on this page anytime you like, or you can drop the feed into your favorite RSS reader. 


(Visit the feed page also if you would like to look at older material.)


If you've got a feed, blog or item that you would like us to consider for this feed, email it to us at or recommend it to us at our account "hollowtree".


And of course, we're also quite open to your comments, and any ideas you may have about how to make this feed better for you.

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