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If the evil Emperor Holloway is continually ruining your weekend with ridiculously hard and senseless physics homework, then the Tutor Brigade is here to help!

This site is designed to help students searching for extra one on one help in physics find an able and affordable tutor.  The tutors listed below are current or recent students of Mr. Holloway and as such, are recommended by Mr. Holloway to assist you.  All tutors are to act professional and deliver a valuable service to you.  If a tutor is less than professional, please contact me and they will be removed from the approved list.


  • Students should contact tutors via email and arrange a time and meeting place
  • Tutors should charge $20/hr for a single student or $15/hr/student for groups
  • Groups should not exceed three students, unless agreed upon by all parties
  • Tutors should respond to questions that arise during the session within 3 days
  • Both parties are responsible to notify each other of cancellations 24 hours prior to the session

I am not trying to run a business here, and receive no monies for my part.  But, by assigning what I consider a fair value to the session, all parties take the tutoring seriously and use the time efficiently.  All parties have the right to completely ignore my suggestions.  I receive no compensation for this service.

Recommend Student Tutors - AKA the Tutor Brigade

 Tutor    email  availability car
new tutors
R - Thursday 
Jane Zhangjanezhang282@gmail.comM, T, W, F                N
Sachi Hiji  sachihiji@prodigy.neteveryday except T, RY
 Rohil Ahuja everyday except M Y
 Nicole Stimpson M, W 2-6, T 2-5, S and Sun 2-7 Y
 Daniel Yao

 Pranav Pomalapally M, W, F
 Gabby Nardecchia M, T, R, F 1-8 N
 Bryan Xiao M-R 2-3:30 N
 Gideon Tong everyday except W, F N
 Justin Yao 7th everyday, M 2-5, W after 4, weekends Y
Adult Tutors (prices vary, but typically $50/hr)  

 Abigail Wilkins flexibleyes 
 Marina flexible yes

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