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http://www.peel.edu.on.ca/  Peel District School Board- The board I will be doing my placements during Teachers College.
http://sandalwoodheights.peelschools.org/ Sandalwood Heights School- The first school I will be teaching at.
http://www.help4teachers.com/samples2.htm Kathie Nunley website for teachers- a wonderful resource will sample lessons.
http://www.markville.ss.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/ Markville Secondar School Website. All the departments are listed on the right, the school has gone completely online and made the materials available!
http://resources.elearningontario.ca Search your lesson topic! It holds millions of lessons from Ontario teachers. You can also search 360 video files!
Teacher User ID: hdsbteacher Password: oerbt
www.curriculum.org Classroom resources and course profiles for Grades 9 and 10. Grade 11 and 12 have the first and last unit as well as a summative project.
www.edu.gov.on.ca This website holds exemplar projects for each course as well as the curriculum documents
http://www.teachingwebsites.co.uk/#2 This website has activities and lessons plans which teachers have shared with us.
http://www.timetoast.com/ allows you to create your own timeline. You are free to add photos and as much detail as you'd like!
http://storybird.com/ This site allows you to create stories using a small amount of text and pictures that artists have made available for us! It would be a great project for a children's story.
http://www.spellingcity.com/Games/crossword.html This website allows you to make your own crosswords for you class subjects. It's a great way to have students review materials before tests or to assess their previous knowledge in the subject.
http://www.netrover.com/~kingskid/graphic/graphic.htm This website offers free graphic organizers and lesson plans for teachers!

http://oedb.org/blogs/ilibrarian/2011/5-amazing-free-data-visualization-tools/ This website allows you to create graphs, maps, charts, and diagrams for free
http://www.braineos.com/ This website allows you to make your own flash cards and study games!
http://www.toolsforeducators.com/dice/ This website is geared towards a young audience, but can still be used in the intermediate senior. You can create your own dice for a visual study aid in the classroom with pictures and text or text only.
https://jux.com/ I think this would be a great place to have your students showcase their work or create a poster. I haven't explored this one as much at the moment.

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