What Your Child's Teacher Does All Day

Have you ever thought about what your child's teacher does all day, all week or throughout the year?


  We believe the time has come to share with you our job as educators.



·       Create classroom communities

·       Encourage curiosity and questioning

·       Develop life-long learning skills

·       Shape and support positive social interactions

·       Instruct children

·       Play with children

·       Listen to children

·       Conference with parents

·       Create and plan lessons

·       Develop relationships with students and parents

·       Provide flexible groups for instruction

·       Referee at recess

·       Provide a safe environment for learning

·       Provide specialized instruction

·       Monitor transitions throughout the day

·       Modify curriculum

·       Participate in curriculum reviews

·       Organize field trips

·       Laugh with children

·       Continue to grow as learners ourselves by participating in workshops and college courses

·       Care for all students

  • Differentiate instruction to meet individual needs
  • Develop assessments
  • Have two recess duties per week
  • Proctor NWEA/NECAP assessments
  • Incorporate data driven instruction
  • Analyze NWEA/NECAP data
  • Implement extracurricular activities
  • Support colleagues
  • Participate on Curriculum Task Force Committees
  • Modify daily lessons to meet individual learning
  • Get 20 minutes for lunch
  • Suffer from Acid Reflux from 20 minute lunch
  • Ensure Peanut Free Zones to protect students
  • Love your children
  • Participate in Round Table discussions
  • Support students with IEPs and 504's and RTI students (Response to Intervention)
  • Believe in all students
  • Balance our professional career and personal family responsibilities
  • Have fun!

What does a sixth grade teacher's day look like.......... Day 3



8:15-8:30  Assist students coming into school - Start them off excited

8:30-8:37  Listen to daily announcement given by students over the intercom to whole school

8:37-8:40  List daily lunch choices, record attendance, collect all parent notices for office

8:40-        Get students ready for flexible grouped math class

8:45-9:45  Instruct math class:  introduce skill to students; create learning opportunities based on students need  

                for specific skill; create activity based on skill to keep students motivated.  Plan for homework based

                on student achievement.

9:45-9:50  Have snack with students

9:50-10:40 Writing   Instruct students on topic for day - differentiate based on needs of student

10:40-11:10  Take students to Spanish class    Yeah, get to go to the bathroom.

11:10-11:30 Complete Writing work from above class

11:30-12:30 Flexibly grouped Reading Class

12:30-12:50 Recess duty

12:50-1:00  Help get students ready for lunch   WASH THOSE HANDS!!!!!!

1:00-1:20   Lunch  YEAH!

1:20-1:30  Students return to classroom to prepare for afternoon classes

1:30-2:30  Language Arts with one class in pod.  Spelling lessons, Daily Oral Language (Grammar) classes

                Vocabulary Lessons

2:30-2:45  Read aloud to class

2:45-3:00  Complete Agendas together.  List all assignments short term and long term.  Put materials together to

                go home for night.  Check individual agendas.

3:00        Carpoolers leave

3:15        Take Students to Buses


Before and after school get work done for next day.



Coming Next:  How about it Mr. Kane - tell us what you do.