Seven Hard Facts

Hollis Education Association was unable to come to an agreement with
the Hollis School Board due to the following factors:

1.        HEA was willing to accept a step raise with no percentage raise, no
plan to make-up steps lost last year due to our understanding of the
current economic times. Hollis School Board was not willing to agree
to this proposal without the Hollis Education Association’s complete
acceptance of three broad based, far reaching language changes.

2.        The Hollis School Board proposed a pay for performance proposal
that did not clearly define how it would be implemented. The proposal
was based on a teacher review model that is designed to create open
and honest discussions to improve, enhance or commend current
instructional practices by teachers.  The author of the teacher review
model that was used in the Hollis School Board proposal was contacted
by the Hollis Teachers association and asked if she felt her plan
should be the sole method for pay for performance. She responded that
her framework was not designed to be the basis of a pay for
performance plan.

3.        The Hollis Education Contract currently has a pay for performance
article, 8.2, that allows step to be withheld from a teacher if their
performance is not adequate.

4.        Teachers proposed to create a committee to work together with
administration and the Hollis School Board to add language to article
8.2 to incorporate additional pay for performance language.

5.        The changes in the Reduction in Force policy proposed by the Hollis
School Board could lead to experienced educators being laid off not
based on teaching performance, but rather based on monetary factors.

6.         Teachers proposed to create a committee to work together with
administration and the Hollis School Board to make changes to the
Reduction in Force policy.

7.        Hollis Education Association and the Hollis School Board have
agreed to create a sidebar to the contract to find a solution to the
current health care issues.