Negotiations Update

Negotiations have come to a halt between the Hollis Education Association and the Hollis School Board.  We are now at the stage we call "Fact Finding".  What does that mean?  Listed below is a timeline of negotiations between the HEA and HSB.  


2009:  Fall (Sept - Dec )  HEA negotiators and HSB negotiators enter into contract negotiations


 2009-2010:   Winter (Dec. - Jan.) Negotiations fail and both parties go to "Mediation".  This is a step where a professional mediator is called in to help both parties come to an agreement.  Mediation fails but both parties decide to go back to bargaining table and try to reach agreement.  Agreement is reached.


2010:   March - Hollis School District Meeting; voters vote down the contract


2010: Fall (Sept - Dec) HEA negotiators and HSB go back to the bargaining table to reach agreement.  HEA negotiators attend all previously agreed upon negotiation sessions, HSB did not.  Parties do not reach agreement.  Process now goes to "Mediation". 


2011: January 4 - "Mediation" takes place.  HSB negotiators only available by phone.  Lawyer and Superintendent are the only people present for mediation along with HEA. Mediation fails. 


2010-2011: January-February  Hollis Education Association declares stage of "Fact Finding."  This is a stage where both parties prepare their proposals, counter-proposals, and all material used in negotiations and give this material to a "Fact Finder."  "Fact Finder" then looks at both parties' information and comes to a decision as to what should be agreed upon.  If one side is in favor of the decision it is presented to the town for a vote.  If both parties are not in favor of the decision they return to negotiations the following school year. This is a very costly part of the negotiations process which is why both parties need to bargain in good faith and do what is right for the school system.