Letter of Support

                                                                                                   December 24th , 2010


Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                                                                

Happy Holidays! We hope you are enjoying this time with your family and friends.  It has been our pleasure to teach your children this fall, and we look forward to a productive, successful second term!  We are thrilled to be a part of the Hollis Education Community and we are grateful for your support.  As dedicated professionals, we are extremely proud of the quality, cutting edge education we provide your children each day.

Looking back on the 2010 school year, the Hollis Primary School and the Hollis Upper Elementary School have a lot to celebrate.  Hollis elementary schools once again performed above the state average in Math and Reading on the NECAP state assessment.   In fact, 88% of our students are reading with proficiency, up from 83% last year, and 87% of our students reached proficiency in math, up from 85%!

In grade level teams and Professional Learning Communities, our teachers have worked diligently to strengthen and refine district programs and continuously analyze multiple data points to assure individual student growth.  72% of our teachers hold Master’s degrees or beyond, as opposed to 52% of teachers in the state, and actively participate in professional development opportunities to stay on top of the latest educational trends. Our teachers create the rich learning experiences Hollis is known for by not only implementing district programs, but  by participating on Curriculum Development Committees, leading after school activities such as Homework Club, Student Council,  Literacy and Spanish Night, Summer Camps, Strings Program, and countless others.

We are dedicated professionals, eager and energized to provide the highest level of education to your children.  But, we need your help.  As most of you are aware, Hollis teachers have gone this year without a new contract.  While we recognize the strain that many Hollis families face during these tough economic times, we too face the rising costs of taxes, food, heat, daycare and health insurance.  Going without a cost of living increase in salary has put a terrific strain on many of our families.  The average teacher salary in Hollis is $55,226 and families pay $7,615-$12,213 (36-40%of the plan annually).  Up against the district health insurance cap, our families are now paying 100% of the Health insurance increase. Going a second year without a change in the contract would be a hardship.

 We know you value your children’s education, and recognize the need for strong, competent educators to teach a rigorous, individualized curriculum.  As we work every day to nurture and educate your children, we are asking you to help support the professional staff.  Our School Board and negotiating team will be going to Mediation on January 4th to try to come to a consensus on our Collective Bargaining agreement.  We are asking you to please call or email your elected School Board members to simply let them know you recognize the need to support your child’s teachers in order to continue providing the highest quality education in Hollis.

We are honored to be working in partnership with you, and thank you for your continued support.


                                                                                             HPS & HUES Educators

Hollis School Board contact information

Bill Beauregard   ~        wbeaureg@charter.net

Robert Mann        ~      get2robmann@gmail.com

Susan Benz           ~      susan.benz@gmail.com   

Rich Manley         ~      richmanley@tds.net        

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