Hot Off The Press!

    The Hollis Teacher Association would like to share information in regards to the statement made in a letter to the editor on February 1, 2011 by Bill Beauregard, Chairman of the Hollis School Board.  In This letter, it was stated that the teachers in Hollis will collectively receive a 2.23% increase in health care and retirement benefits compensation next year under the current contract.

     We would like to explain that this 2.23% increase will not go directly to the teachers in Hollis.  Their salaries or even compensation packages will not increase by 2.23%.  In fact, with the current contract, any teacher that is on a two-person or family plan will pay the full projected 9% in health care costs next year, in addition to paying the full increase of health care costs for the current year.

     This 2.23% increase is mainly based on all New Hampshire School Districts being required to share equally in the funding of the New Hampshire State Retirement System.  Teachers have always been required to contribute 5% of the income to the retirement system.  School districts in the past were not required to match that 5%  funding.  In the years 1984-1989, school districts paid less than 1% to the retirement system.  It was not until 2006 that school districts started to pay an equal share of 5.7% to the retirement system.  It was the legislature that passed a bill to recover the money due to the system from employers over a 30 year period.  Due to this, all school districts are paying an increased amount to the retirement system to recover what was lost when their contributions were low.

     There is no debate that the Hollis School District is facing a 2.23% increase in their budget, yet the teachers will not receive that amount in the form of compensation to their current salaries with or without a new contract agreement.