Hollis Education Association Officers

The Hollis Education Association is comprised of professional staff members from both the Hollis Elementary Schools and the Coop Schools.  We are represented under one big umbrella, yet have our own bargaining unit and contract.  Membership at the Hollis Elementary Schools is at an all time high with 90% of our professional staff being a member of the HEA/NHEA/NEA organization.


Executive Board Members of the HEA.


President:              Lisa Stone


Vice President:     Meghan Bamford


Secretary:              Ellen Lenscak


Treasurer:              Jamie Pelletier


Head Negotiator:   Sandy Van Sciver


Building Representatives: Lee Barnard (HPS)

                                              Gail Ansaldo(HUES)



These members meet monthly to discuss national, state and local issues.


Contact HEA at cassedyl6@comcast.net