Class of 2012

Hollins MFA Second Year Students (Class of 2012)

< Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop hails from south Georgia and writes poetry. The words "medicine" and "peppermint" are, in his mind, intermixed. He enjoys high-fives, is cheese people, and still looks up for airplanes and their vapor trails. 



< Brandon Courtney
Brandon Courtney was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. He currently lives in Roanoke, VA, where he writes poetry.


< Mary Cate Curley


< Aaron Fallon



< David Gauly


< Candance Gebre



< S.H. Lohmann
S.H. Lohmann escaped Texas in 2009. She eats trail mix and writes poetry. As a result, she is very tall.


< Ayako Matsushita
Ayako Matsushita grew up in Hachioji city in Tokyo, and currently lives in Roanoke, VA, with Onoishi, her forever friend woodstock. She writes poetry and enjoys knitting, and reading anything from PEANUTS to contemporary American/Japanese literature. Her tanka poems have appeared in newspapers and have been published in the book Heisei Manyo-shu. She has poems forthcoming in Iodine Poetry Journal.



< Courtney Robb
Courtney Robb has come to Hollins from New York City and like most New Yorkers loves falling asleep to the sound of sirens, wearing all black, and carrying oversized purses. She is happy to have left a job on Wall Street and is excited to mix it up on the Appalachian Trail because, well, Central Park just doesn't have many mountains. While Courtney has adjusted to living here, she is continually suprised by the inordinate amount of customized license plates in the state of Virginia and she theorizes that, due to the eight space constraint, Virginians must be very good Scrabble players.

< Rebecca Thomas
Rebecca Thomas is from Lafayette, Indiana. Her heart looks something like a cornfield. She is adjusting to life in Roanoke, painting mountains, and writing whatever it is that she writes.

< Benjamin Walker

< Matthew Williams
Matthew Ostapchuk Williams is a graduate of the Meeting School and Chester College of New England. He is the editor of Two-Bit Magazine. He lives with his girlfriend, Morgan Kristy Reynolds, in Roanoke, where she builds squids out of yarn. His dog has attempted to kill him on eight different occasions.