As I  said before absolute Safety is our highest priority.
First of all make sure that your weapons are LARP safe, i. e. Latex with a fibreglase core. Please ensure that the Latex coating is not damaged and the core doesn't protrude and either hurt you or your opponent. LARP arrows have no sharp tips but small discs at the end.
Then we dont stab at folks for just that reason .. if you do the core might get damaged and become dangerous. Hitting the head, stomach and genitals from any direction is out order and a severe breech of trust and safety. Thus it will be treated as crime and the offender dealt with correspondingly.
The way we treat each other should be with mutual respect , polite and in a friendly manner. No participants should be insulted out of character (if it is part of your character let us know before hand , but rudeness and offensive language should be kept to a minimum) or discriminated in any way.
In case any injury should occur i will try to get three first aiders to be present at an event depending on the numbers present at the event.
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