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Greetings Soldiers, Scouts and noble Healers to the online home of the Hollin Knights.

We are just setting up this new group for Life Action Role Playing (LARP) in the North of Scotland. The Hollin Knights are intended as mixed Battlegroup or small army consisting of melee fighters, Rangers , Scouts and Healers. The world we play in is Tolkien's Middleearth or one very similar to it. Everyone over 18 years is welcome whether you have experience in LARP, weaponskills or not. It would be nice though to have people who know how to handle a longsword , knive, bow , axe or quarterstaff (laughs).
We are aiming for three events during a calendar year , preferrably between april and october because of the better chance for warmer weather. It could easily become more or less depending on the numbers and response we get in setting up the group