North Derbyshire Parks
Friday League Rules

1.     The Association shall organise a Friday Night League with the number of teams in each division being at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
2.     The league matches will be played on a Friday Evening as per the league fixtures issued at the beginning of the season. Inclement weather and shortage of players must not be used as an excuse for not playing a match and a later start must be considered before a match is cancelled. Matches will start at 6:30pm May to August. If the matches are played in April or September, the starting time will be 6:00pm. Scratch time will be 7:00pm in all months.
Teams in the league will consist of 8 players (Male or Female).
All games will be 21 up and played in singles.
One point will be awarded to each winning player and two further points to the home team if they have the highest aggregate and three points to the away team if they have the highest aggregate, then two points shall be awarded to the away team and one point to the home team.
3.     All teams shall play home and away matches with each other during the season and the winners of each division will be declared champions and hold the title and division trophy for one year
4.     The champions shall be the team with the highest number of points at the end of the season and in the event of a tie, the team having the best total aggregate shall be declared champions, if still a tie the team with the lowest aggregate against shall be awarded the higher place.
5.     In the event of the home green being unfit, then the home team must inform the visiting team as early as possible to prevent the visiting team from travelling.
Six players or more shall constitute a team and the match must be played.
Any team failing to turn up for a match as per the fixture list and do not inform their opponents at least one hour before the start time that they will not be attending shall forfeit the match.
Their opponents will be awarded their average points and aggregate home or away as the case may be at the end of the season.
6.     In the event of a match not being started or started and left unfinished through rain or other exceptional circumstances, it shall be played or resumed where left off within 28 days. The home team take the first steps in re-arranging any postponed or unfinished match by offering 4 alternative dates over the next 28 days after the match was scheduled to be played or the date when the match was left unfinished.
Any player, who has started to play in any unfinished match, must turn up to finish the game on the re-arranged date or they will concede the game 21 points to what ever their score was when the game was abandoned.
Any player having not taken to the green in the original fixture may be substituted in the re-arranged match.
7.     Any match postponed or not played for any reason must be notified in writing to the League Secretary stating the reason why within 5 days of the fixture date or a £5 fine will be imposed on the home team.
8.     All players must be registered under their club at the start of the season on the official registration form before being allowed to play or for late members during the season by individual notification in writing to the League Secretary before they play a match.
9.     Players may be transferred between teams during the season, but only if they have not played more than 4 games for their original team and each transfer must be notified to the League Secretary by letter signed by both club Secretaries and the player being transferred.
No transfers will be allowed after 30th June in each season.
10.  If there are more than one division of the league, the teams that finish first and second in each division after division one will be promoted and the teams that finish in the bottom two places other than the last division will be relegated.
If any circumstances dictate differently then it will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
11.  All match results must be recorded on the official result sheet with all the following details filled in correctly:
•        Team Names
•        Date of match
•        Division
•        Names of players
•        Total aggregate scores
The completed result sheet should then be checked and signed by both Captains.
Any result sheet received incomplete or incorrect will incur a fine of £5 imposed on both teams. The home team will then be responsible for making sure that the result sheet is posted or delivered to the League Secretary within 10 working days of the match being played.
Failure to comply will result in a fine of £5 being imposed on the home team.
Where two players have the same initial and surname, the Christian name must be entered on the result sheet.
12.  Team Captains will number their players 1 to 8 on the score cards and no draw will be made, this will be the order of play for the match.
If a player is unavailable when called to the green, the reserve will play and if both the player and the reserve are unavailable, their opponent will be awarded the game 21 – 0.
Any team with players short must number the blank cards when numbering the cards 1 – 8.
Visiting players will take the jack at the start of all games.
13. The minimum number of jacks on the green will be 4 at all times until the match is complete