This year's list of poor unfortunates!!
Harry "Duke" Smith
Vice Chairman
John Buxton
Ann Carpenter
Andy Madin

Competitions Committee:
Steve Dann
Paul Heaton
Dave Knight

Team Captains and Vice Captains:
Saturday 'A'
Captain:               Andy Madin
Vice Captain:        Graham Turner
Saturday 'B'
Captain:               Harry Smith
Vice Captain:        John Buxton

Monday Veterans 'A'
Captain:               Harry Smith
Vice Captain:        Brian Shooter
Monday Veterans 'B'
Captain:               John Buxton
Vice Captain:        Albert Barnett

Wednesday Morning
Captain:                Ian Ashley
Vice Captain:         Ann Carpenter
Wednesday 'A'
Captain:                Paul Heaton
Vice Captain:         Ian Ashley
Wednesday 'B'
Captain:                Ann Carpenter
Vice Captain:         Harry Smith
Wednesday 'C'
Captain:                John Buxton
Vice Captain:         Albert Barnett

Thursday Veterans 'A'
Captain:                Brian Shooter
Vice Captain:         Harry Smith
Thursday Veterans 'B'
Captain:                Ron Facer
Vice Captain:         Andy Thomas-Horton

Friday Night Gents 'A'
Captain:                Graham Turner
Vice Captain:         Chris Bennett

Friday Night Gents 'B'
Captain:                John Buxton
Vice Captain:         Andrew Hahn

County Cup
Captain:                Paul Heaton
Vice Captain:         Joshua Heaton

Paul Robbins