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** Well, the Fishers Show went really well according to everyone I talked to that watched it, and it got us some much needed publicity. I again want to thank Brian and Melissa Fisher, as well as Bones and Brians son for coming down to southeast Kentucky and checking out what Bell County has to offer. I hope we can get them back for another show in the future.

** A new website is coming VERY soon. We already have a beta version up, just are adding some info to it. Should be much better than the one we have now and be able to have more content on it.

** Please make sure to help us promote Riverside Rentals, which is the only rental near the park at this time. You can view pics and contact information for the rental house by clicking here.

** A few of our members are working on different projects throughout the park right now. There are currently plans for putting up a target shooting range and also a paintball course on the park, so check out our forum for the latest news on these.

** October 10th the Holler Crawlers will be assisting in an event that will be coordinated for the Lighthouse Mission here in Bell County, which is an excellent cause. You can get more info on this event by clicking here.

** The next official ride for the club will be Saturday, October 24th, at the Holler Crawler Haunted Forest Ride. This ride will be a great thing for the entire family. It will consist of a fairly easy ride guided through the haunted night woods of Bell County with Halloween decorations along the way. The ride will start around 530PM and will end on top of the mountain with a bonfire around the Sam Low pond later that night. If you are into getting great pics of the fall foliage, come earlier in the day before this ride and we may have someone available to take you to different spots on the park where you can get some great pictures. More info on this event coming soon in the Rides and Events section.


**  To let HC Nation know, Fishers ATV World will air the Holler Crawlers Harbell Ride on Sept 21st on the Outdoor Channel. It will air at 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM that day (Monday the 21st) and also the next day at 12:30 AM. The show will reair at these times on December 21st. Make sure to tune into Fishers ATV World and check out for more info.


** Links and Sponsors are updated. More website updates coming soon.

** Next ride is Fishers ATV World event on August 2nd! Plus free riding and fishing tourney on August 1st. Tell your friends!


** Don't forget that our next ride coming up is our 2nd Annual Ride for Sean. We had a fantastic turn out last year and hope to do even better this year!

** Cruisin' for a Cure was a success! We had about 70 riders and raised $1250, very similar to the March of Dimes ride. All monies went to American Cancer Society - Relay for Life.

** We are 90% sure that our club will be hosting Fishers ATV World for our August 1st event...Stay tuned for updates on this!

** Thanks to Hondas advertising agency we will be getting a brand spankin' new website soon! We completed surveys for them and they in turn provided us with the funding for a new website. Look for it in the coming months!


** The Ride for Babies was a great success! We had about 70 riders and raised over $1200 for the March of Dimes Foundation. Thanks so much to all that came and enjoyed a beautiful spring day with us. We will have the video up soon!

** Our next ride coming up is our Cruising for a Cure Ride which will be put on by the club, Pineville Community Hospital and Faith Temple Church. The ride will be to help raise money for Relay for Life.  More info on this ride in Rides and Events. Please come out if you can and enjoy a Poker Run type ride.

** We hope to have some very big news concerning the Harbell Ride very soon! Stay tuned!!


** Four new videos posted in the Video section.

** Next Ride: Ride For Babies - Saturday April 18th. More info in the Rides and Events Section.

** We need Holler Crawlers who are able to participate in the PRIDE Cumberland River Clean Up on Saturday, April 4th. More info on this coming soon.

** Summer hats should be in any day now! Limited supply, so get yours early! For info go to our Merch page.



** New video up here of the ride from WTOP in Bell County deep into Harlan County. Taken on January 23. 2009

** Events for 2009 are posted under the Ride and Events link! More details on events coming soon. For impromptu rides, check out our forum.

 **  The Holler Crawlers are proud to announce that Yamaha is helping fund Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park via their G.R.A.N.T program! We have been awarded funding to construct campsites, rain shelters, to maintain and mark trails, and much more! The Bell County Fiscal Court and the Holler Crawlers want to extend their heart-felt thanks to Yamaha for their help! This money is vitally important to the park and we hope to have a long partnership with Yamaha because of this!


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