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1) Is your club ran by county government?

No, it is not. Although our current president, Jon Grace, works for the Bell County Fiscal Court as the Adventure Tourism Director, this club functions as a completely seperate entity than county government.

2) Is your club trying to shut down hunting on Mountain Drive?

No. Many of our club members, including President Jon Grace, hunt on Mountain Drive and this club is looking out for the rights of hunters. Our club will not hold any kind of group rides during high power rifle or muzzleloader season for deer. Other hunting seasons, such as turkey, have not been discussed yet and group rides may still take place during this and other seasons.

3) Are you going to have to be a member of the Holler Crawlers to ride the new park at Mountain Drive?

No. Anyone and everyone can ride it, as they do now. We do hope that if you go on a few club rides, that you will help keep up the park by supporting the club.

4) Are you going to charge money to ride the park?

No. The park will be free to ride.

5) What kind of off-road vehicles can ride the park and join the club?

ATVs, Side X Sides, Dirt Bikes, and Jeeps/Trucks are all welcome to ride the park and join our club. Although our name is Holler Crawlers ATV Club, we have members who ride all types of off-road vehicles.

6) What is meant by "Ride at your own risk"?

This pretains to KRS411.190, which states that if you ride on a given piece of land, are not charged a price, and get hurt, you can hold no one (club, land-owner, or any government entity) liable for your injury.

7) Is the park open to ride right now?

As it pretains to the club, no. But as a general riding area, yes. We still have a lot of development work to do. However, Mountain Drive has been enjoyed by local off-roaders for many years now. Anyone can ride it now, however the club as of now does not maintain or monitor any of the parking areas right now and does not have a trailhead facility built yet. So you can park here if you'd like but you do so at your own risk, as all us locals do as well. However there are a few places that people do park right now, such as the end of Hwy 188 atColmar and at the divide of the Colmar and Hances Ridge Side on Hwy 1344. Maps to these locations can be found HERE.  Basically you are free to ride it now even though the club is still working on it, but as always you are doing so under KRS411.190.