Hollaz Mods

Here can you download my Mods to GTA: San Andreas.



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12/06/2007:...:...: An Update was needed..

Iv'e needed to have an update now... As you see there is not much activity here at my site... But now i have got a guestbook and a counter! SEE YA!  EDiT: A Gang Called The Gudraz is created.. Be a member today!!

05/05/2007:...:...: New In And Old Out!

The Hollaz Islands mod was shitty, and i have quitted it because iv'e got a new computer, instead I have done my map mod The Scums which is cool. download if you like, but Remember its only a BETA release(!).                                              End of News.

15/04/2007:...:...: CLEEAN!

Yup! I have removed the Storm Drain mod and the Jump Pack.. I didn't have energy to finish them. But I have started at a new mod, Hollaz Islands that i am "proud" over.. btw, Projects is deleted as well.. :-)                                                          Over N' Out!