Om Namah Bhagavate Vasudevaya.
I would like to offer my Pranam(respect) to Bhagavat Dharma Das and Siddhanta Das who trained me personally as well as the teachers who taught me through their books.
I hope that my teachings will be beneficial for body and mind and bring inspiration in spiritual journeys.
Here is my favorite poem I would like to share with everybody.
Take care.
                                Song of the soul 

I am neither ego nor reason, I am neither mind nor thought

I cannot be heard nor cast into words, nor by smell nor sight ever caught:

In light and wind I am not found, nor yet in earth and sky-

Consciousness and joy incarnate, Bliss of the bliss I am.


I cast aside hatred and passion; I conquered delusion and greed;

No touch of pride caressed me, so envy never did breed:

Beyond all faiths, past reach of wealth, past freedom, past desire,

Consciousness and joy am I, and bliss is my attire.

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