Welcome to the
Holiday Card Exchange Project

Dates of Project:
December 2nd - 19th, 2008

This project is now over
(please visit ProjectsByJen
for current project list)

Classrooms were grouped with 24 other classrooms
to exchange holiday cards.

Each class was sent an excel document with all
names and addresses of the classrooms in their group.

Each class needed to create (or purchase) enough cards
to send 1 CARD
TO EACH CLASS on their list.
(Teachers are responsible for all postage costs)

All cards needed to be mailed to the other classrooms by the 8th of December.

Teachers were encouraged to create a map area
to show where the cards have come from.

We used  Google Earth with this project!
Please download GOOGLE EARTH to use with this project.
Directions on use were included with your group listing.
If you cannot use Google Earth at your school, please check into Google Maps!

Since this is a holiday card project, it was possible to
receive all kinds of holiday cards (of differing beliefs and customs).
If a school has certain "restrictions"; the teacher,
needed to be the filter of these cards.


This project is now OVER for
the 2008 school year.

Graphics were purchased @ graphicgarden.com

This project is hosted by Jennifer Wagner of JenuineTech.com
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