Lab photo in Hawaii

Last lab group photo in Hawaii!
Summer 2017

Lab group photo, Summer 2015

Lab group photo
Summer 2015

Alex Sens and Allison Kagawa, UH Manoa

Alex and Allison, all smiles!
Summer 2015

Linus Pauling Nobel
Ho borrowing Linus Pauling's Chemistry Nobel
June 2014

Jessie and Ho with Dr. David Flockhart, pharmacology professor from Indiana University
February 2014

American Crystallographic Association meeting
Samson and Ho with other scientists at the annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association
July 2013

lab lunch at Da Spot
Start of summer lab lunch at Da Spot
June 2013

Ho Leung Ng demonstrating protein crystals to McKinley High School students (Honolulu)
Ho showing lysozyme crystals to McKinley High School students
March 2013

Samson explaining to McKinley High School (Honolulu) students how to grow protein crystals
Samson teaching McKinley students how to grow crystals
March 2013

Jessie Lu scuba diving with a friend
Jessie "collecting data"
August 2012

John Ewalt hair fashion show
John, Hair Fashion Show in Singapore
April 2012