And dis be me WEBPAGE!

Beatings and lacerations!  I, as da bit at da top o' dis page says, be Holdyn Twyst!  I has been da roit good stocksman o' Newcastle Village (as well as hangman, jailer, public humilliater an' torturer) for about as long as I has been stocksman, so I has!  If'n ye's got some intrest in thee for a bit 'o me hist'ry or ye's come about ta be listenin' in to da songs I writes what have earned me stocks and dungeons da name o' Sing Sing, den have thee a poke about in dat bit o' stuff an' nonsense on da right!  Dere be udder tings about here as well, but I sees thou art da finkin' sort an' can puzzle dat out for thyself.  May thy pains be sharp an' thy screams resonant!


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