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HoldoutTrout's Fanfiction Archive 

My name is HoldoutTrout. I've been writing fanfic for at least eight years, since I discovered that other people not only thought about creating stories for their favorite characters, but actually wrote them down.

Here you will find all of my fanfiction, by fandom and possibly other categories as I see fit. All my fics are safe for people age 14 or younger unless directly noted.

Major Fandoms:

The Pretender (7 stories) 

Stargate: SG-1 (110 stories)

Farscape (6 stories)

Star Wars (27 stories)

Minor Fandoms: 

Firefly (1 story)

Alias (3 stories)

Lost (4 stories)

24 (2 stories)

Young Wizards (1 story)

CSI (1 story)


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