represents the online crossroads where we are here to share and connect ideas from around the world related to life living off the grid.  After a Summer of exploring new techniques and ideas, implementing low budget housing, solar, wind power, do it yourself ideas, upcycle, recycle, and re-use ideas, we learned so much about concepts that make for a better, cleaner, more practical world.  After a failed documentary project and loss of promised funding, utter shutdown by local code enforcement after promise of support and open doors for the sake of the documentary, here we are bringing our knowledge to the table, sharing and exploring ideas with you.  Through our online audience, we hope to help share good ideas and make them popular.  We will explore what works and what doesn't and why, and through communication of good ideas to the masses, we can change old codes for the better, grow the purchasing power of off the grid products that in turn will lower the costs of Off-The-Grid technology to the masses making third world living a thing of the past!
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This: rocket mass heater instructional video is terrific!


Tumbleweed Tinyhouse

The following video clip is a terrific about learning to work with cob
Earthbag Home Construction Time Lapse in Alaska

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