Meet Lucy, aka the spoiled one and little girl.

She is a CKC registered Nebolish Mastiff with reverse brindle coloring. She was born on 10/20/2008.

Lucy has been a therapy dog and a R.E.A.D. dog. She is the reason I discovered why nutrition is so important for the animals.

Her favorite pastimes are swimming and couch surfing.

She enjoys massages, back scratches, and hanging out with the baby goats.

Her main duty is guarding the house, backyard, and people.


Meet Franklin, aka Frankapotimus and Frankie.

Frankie is a Beagle/ Lab mix rescue that is all black. His birthday is 07/29/2011.

Frankie is Alex’s dog. He originated the term Lottery Animal. He was supposed to be a Bernese Mountain Dog/ Newfoundland, but is clearly more a Beagle/Lab. I don’t know if anyone would have adopted just another little black dog!

His favorite pastimes are hiking and playing with Lucy.

He enjoys chasing cats and donkey (Bad Frankie) or eating sheets.

His main job is herding lost animals and keeping donkey out of the yard.

Sam the Sheepdog

Meet Sam the Sheepdog, aka Bumble and Working Girl.

Sam  is a Great Pyrenees that is white with badger markings. Her birthday is 05/30/2012.

Sam is a working dog in training! She spends most of her time with the goats in the barn. She is getting to know the chickens too. Sam also spends time with Lucy and Frankie

Her favorite pastimes are laying under the back deck and doing anything with water.

She enjoys being with the goats and eating.

Her main job is guarding the livestock, if the donkey would only let her.