Welcome To Ms. Holbrook's Class

Ms Holbrook's Humanities Academy 

       Salutations Parents and Students. Welcome to an upcoming year of 
    •    Inquiry, 
    •    Exploration
    •    Challenge
    •    Self-discovery 
    •    Academic Empowerment      
      And we will achieve all this with some Humor and Song  :)

                                               2015 Classes

                                                                                 A final note. 

         I believe that learning IS fun so I do enjoy having a good time in the process....It is precisely for this reason, however,  that it is crucial for         
         students to stay on task and take the learning seriously.   Don't let my hair fool them. I'm dead serious about their learning and growth. :)
                        A List of Criteria for My Classes
                                          All papers must have a heading >Name >Date >Period

                         MATH:                                                                              SCIENCE:                                                 
            IS ALWAYS DONE IN PENCIL                                                  IS ALWAYS TYPED OR DONE IN PEN
      All problems are written down (unless working in the book )                   All sentences/responses must be written in complete thoughts
     All work must be shown for full credit                                 All diagrams, pictures must be in color to reflect the real world
     All work submitted is to be neat and checked                      All work submitted is to be neat and checked for grammar
     All work is due on time                                                      All work is due on time    

                         All projects are to be presented (presentation quality) therefore be ready and know your topic

    6th grade Common Core Math  (still new...still evolving)

        I think of myself as a Math Enthusiast not an expert...there is always more to learn.                  
        Math is a fun puzzle to solve and we are going to learn how to solve for it in multiple ways.   ~ FUN & EXCITING ~
                *    Group Work / CC Tasks               *    Interactive Learning  (Class tasks) (Boardwork)

                *    Walk-Abouts                              *    Projects....and much more
  6th grade Earth Science  (transitioning to new NGSS standards)
        I love science!...It's like magic that's proven and can allow for anything to occur.  ~ CHILLINGLY AWSOME ~
        We'll consider and explore some of Earth's phenomenas by way of:
            *     Discussions       *    Debates                 *    Resarch        *    Activities

            *    Projects (builds and Models)                *    Science Packets.....and much more      
  Creative Expression  -Elective-               Please Note:  Elective classes carry the same grade point valve as core classes

        Love this class! Students get to express their creative thinking in a variety of methods  
                    *    Journal / Short Story Writing                   *    Story Adaptations                

                    *    How-To Scenarios                *    Product Development            *    Cinema Critique....and more


  Environmental  Science -Elective- 8th      Please Note: Elective classes carry the same grade point valve as core classes

        The class will explore and try to come up with some solutions to the overarching  Environmental issues that are affecting        
        our everyday existence.

        My Goal is to have the students create a Watch-Dog Newsletter that highlights some of the topics listed below.

                   *    Climate Change         *    Drought                   *    El Nino          *  Politics on Environmental Issues
                   *    GMO                          *    Fracking                  *    Food & Health        *    Endangered Species

        If any parent(s) has any ideas or can help with the implementation of the Newsletter, I welcome your input.


     Parents, you may contact me at anytime via my Email sch2498@lausd.net   or by utilizing the Agenda. A great tool!

     Parent Conferences will have to be held after 3:15 at school or by phone or Email since I do not have a free period. 

                                                                We'll work it out!
    Please make sure to check out the class syllabus and wish list    found towards the end of Classroom Info  page