Welcome to Auror Training for Underage Wizards

Hello my fellow young Witches and Wizards at HOL, you have stumbled upon one of the only underage training programs in the country. Why you might be wondering is what a class on Auror be doing in a school for underage Wizards. What is an Auror one may ask? That is an good question, and in order to understand one needs to undergo the training that is required to become an Auror. An Auror is a witch or a wizard who battles the Dark Arts, and they act often like a bodyguard or intelligent agents, seeking out Dark wizards and defeating them. You may recall a famous Auror of the day Alastor Moody who fought till the end to defeat the Dark Lord. I hope this clarifies a little bit about what an Auror is, but not to worry you will know and understand what it means to be one in time.

Auror Training is the level of training that a witch or wizard must undergo prior to battling the Dark arts and being honored with the title of Auror. All Aurors are administered and controlled by the Ministry of Magic, in Auror Headquarters. To become an Auror, it takes three years of training after graduation from Hogwarts. Still wondering why this class would be taught in Hogwarts? Well, as it happens, the Ministry of Magic has decided to allow us to teach this underage class to students at Hogwarts, and in doing so, giving you the basic level of training which you can use towards your graduate level training.

This class will be taught in three levels, giving the student the equivalent study of a three year Auror training program that takes place after graduation. Once the student has completed their three levels of study, they will be given an award and a graphic certificate which they can use for personal purposes. This program is under the Ministry guidelines and ethics of an Auror.

I Amanda Summers will be your student teacher for this course. Katelin Ross will be my class assistant.

I ask that you navigate through the site and become familiar with the class, and everything you need to know, everything is important information.

I hope that you will enjoy this class, and look forward to teaching you.

Class News (will be updated regularly)

Welcome to Auror Training Level One!

Class sign ups for Winter 2019 have begun!

If you are new to HOL their have been some changes made to class requirements and school wide rules please refer to the student handbook and HOL main forum to familiarize yourself with these changes.

Class due date information has been updated for easier and more clear understanding to help you pass this class be sure to check under class Information syllabus for these changes. ( New Winter 2019 Term)

Students are asked to read over the grading, syllabus and quills and award page to become familiar with the class grading and requirements.