Hok-men Chan,早年混迹于大小telnet-based BBS,对个别BBS的发展提出过若干建议。目前偏好若干领域如,telnet-based BBS历史和技术,economics,securities。如果有任何建议,给我发email吧:hokmen (dot) chan (AT) gmail (dot) com。

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我翻译的Org-Mode Tutorial中英文对照版本,在此多谢Org-Mode Tutorial的原作者David O'Toole.
I translated David O'Toole's Org-Mode Tutorial into chinese. And here is the English-Chinese contrast version of Org-Mode Tutorial. Thanks David O'Toole for his great work.

I am translating a analysis series about SSE Composite Index(or say, Shanghai Composite Index, in the coming text, "the index" for short.), which written by "小鸡炖蘑菇". But I have not get the permission of translating this series from the original author. As usual, after each trading day finished, the author, "小鸡炖蘑菇", will post an essay about the index in Chinese at night. I think they are a very very good serial about the index. Here I upload the newest(April 10, 2007) word list for this translation. And, I have signed this word list by Gnu Privacy Guard(or say, GnuPG).