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I model heat transfer processes during hand-object interactions and study how resulting changes in skin temperature are processed by the brain and intergrated with other sensory inputs to form a unified percept of an object. My research application include (but not limited to) haptics, virtual and augmented reality, and tele- communication. For more details, see MY RESEARCH.

Research areas: Haptics,  Psychophysics, Cognitive neuroscience.

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  • 2019.1.16 Our paper is accepted by IEEE ToH. Ho, H.-N., Chow, H., Tsunokake, S., Roseboom, W. (2019), "Thermal-tactile Integration in Object Temperature Perception," IEEE Transactions on Haptics.
  • 2018.7.25 The preprint of our new study is published in BioRxiv. Ho, H.-N., Chow, H., Tsunokake, S., Roseboom, W. (2018), "A Sensory Processing Hierarchy for Thermal Touch: Thermal Adaptation Occurs Prior to Thermal-Tactile Integration," bioRxiv pre-print. doi: <Open access>
  • 2018.6.15 To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Japanese Psychonomic Society, 『基礎心理学実験法ハンドブック (Handbook of experimental methods of basic psychology)』edited by the Japanese Psychonomic Society will be published in the end of June. I am honored to contribute to the section "温度刺激の呈示と較正 (The display and the calibration of thermal stimulation)."
  • 2018.4.5 My review paper "Material recognition based on thermal  cues" has been published with Open Access in Temperature.  Ho, H.-N. (2018) "Material recognition based on thermal cues: Mechanisms and applications," Temperature, 5(1), pp. 36-55.  DOI:10.1080/23328940.2017.1372042 <Open access>
  • 2018.3.25-3.28 Will present "Physical-Perceptual Correspondence for Dynamic Thermal Stimulation" in IEEE Transactions on Haptics Posters session in Haptics symposium 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • 2018.1.18 Our paper on using "Room escape" for science outreach is published in Vision (journal of Japanese Vision Society). Tseng, C.-H., Ho, H.-N., Watanabe J. (2018), "Room Escape: A New Way for Visual Science Outreach," Vision, 30 (1). pp.11-15. 
  • 2017.12.7 Our paper is published in Frontiers in Psychology. Zhou, Y., Ho, H.-N., Watanabe, J. (2017) "Perceptual-semantic congruency facilitates semantic discrimination of thermal qualities," Frontiers in Psychology <Open access>.
  • 2017.6.30 Our paper on temporal processing in human thermal sense is published in  IEEE Transactions on Haptics.  Ho, H.-N., Sato, K., Kuroki, S., Watanabe, J., Maeno, T., Nishida, S. (2017) "Physical-Perceptual Correspondence for Dynamic Thermal Stimulation,"   IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 10 (1), 84-93.
  • 2017.2.9 Our review paper on interactions between thermal and color senses is published in the special issue "What's new about somatosensory sense" in the journal "Clinical Neuroscience". 何昕霓岩井大輔 (2017), "温度覚と色覚の感覚間相互作用," 「体性感覚 What's New」特集: 異種感覚との相互作用, Clinical Neuroscience 35巻2号, pp. 189-191. 中外医学社.
  • 2016.11.16 Will give a keynote speech "Is the hand trustworthy? Multimodal influence in haptic object perception" at International Workshop on Multimodal Virtual &
    Augmented Reality (MVAR 2016), Yokohama, Japan. Please visit the workshop HP for details.
  • 2016.9.8-9 Will give a talk "Thermo-tactile interactions in object temperature perception"
    " at ERC computational touch workshop organized by Prof. Vincent Hayward and Dr. Jess Hartcher. The workshop will take place at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. 
    Please visit the workshop HP for details.
  • 2016.5.25 Will give a talk on my latest work about thermal modeling for hand-object interactions in EuroHaptics 2016Ho, H.-N. (2016) "Influence of object material properties and geometry on skin temperature responses during contact," EuroHaptics 2016. Click <link> for the details. 
  • 2016.5.11 The book "Pervasive Haptics" is published! My contribution can be found here. Okamoto, S. Nagano, H. & Ho, H.-N. (2016) "Psychophysical dimensions of material perception and method to specify textural space," Pervasive haptics, Chapter 1, pp. 3-20, Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Satoshi Saga, and Masashi Konyo (Eds.), Springer.
  • 2015.10.12 Our letter on the effects of object and skin colors on object temperature perception is published in Temperature. Ho, H.-N., Iwai, D., Yoshikawa, Y., Watanabe, J., Nishida, S. (2015) " Impact of hand and object colors on object temperature perception," Temperature, 2 (3), p.344-345.  <Open access>
  • 2015.6 Join the editorial board of the journal Temperature.
  • 2015.1 My review paper on color-temperature correspondence is published in NTT Technical Review. Ho, H.-N. (2015) "Color-temperature correspondence: Its nature and its impact on object temperature perception," NTT Technical Review. <Link>
  • 2014.12 Our paper on thermo-emotion interaction is published in Cognitive Neuroscience. Bergman, P., Ho, H.-N., Koizumi, A., Tajadura-Jiménez, A., Kitagawa, N. (2014). "The pleasant heat? Evidence for thermal-emotional implicit associations occurring with semantic and physical thermal stimulation," Cognitive Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1080/17588928.2014.988132. <Link>
  • 2014.12 My research is introduced in the NTT R&D 2014 recruiting HP. Click here for more information.
  • 2014.7 My new paper "Combining colour and temperature: A blue object is more likely to be judged as warm than a red object" was highlighted in a press releases from Nature press office and was reported in several scientific news media, including Scientific American. Click here for more details!