Shopsmith 10ER Parts & Repair
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Rev. Jon C. Paulus 0f Parma Ohio says "Tom, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Shopsmith pieces...nice refurb on them, and they add more functionality to my SS 10er!"
Mr. David Joyce of Placerville, CA. says "That's a great example of integrity!".
I have more than what's shown.  Please email me with the items you need.
I may have what you need in stock..
 New Belts
Goodyear FHP belts.  These are the super flexible, high performance, cogged style belts that are recomended.  
                                                             Single Belt $12.99
Speed Changer Belts Set $21.99 

Quill bearings                                                                                    $23.99

Drive sleeve bearings                                                                       $18.49

Speed changer bearings                                                                $21.99

**  Contact me if you have any questions about the bearings.  ** 
1/2 Hp. Motor bearings.  1 set of two bearings.   Contact me before ordering.
EMQ grade.                                                             $9.99 
3/4 Hp. Motor bearings for Mark V.  1 set of two bearings. 
EMQ grade.                                                             $17.98 
Jointer premium grade bearings.  Their loaded with "Mobile Polyrex EM2 Grease" and have nitrile double lip seals.  1 set of two bearings. $15.49  

I'm asked for Jig Saw Blades all the time.  I've finally found a good source at a decent price.  These are brand new blades that are made in Germany.                   You get 36 blades for $19.99.

Size #3 is 5" x 0.031" x 0.013" and pinless.  15 thread per inch with every third tooth reversed. 

Size #5 is 5" x 0.037" x 0.015" and pinless.  15 thread per inch with every third tooth reversed. 

Size #7 is 5" x 0.043" x 0.017" and pinless.  12 thread per inch with every third tooth reversed.

Live center                                        $35.99
New table insert plates.  Their made from 1/4" aluminum.  If you buy all 5 you get 4 leveling screws and 2 hold down screws for free.
Solid insert   $11.99
Inserts with slot   $15.99
Drum sander insert   $16.99
Shopsmith 10E 10ER Replacement Switch.   Add a little safety to your Shopsmith by covering the exposed switch.  Bright red color alows you to see it in the event of an emergency.
Douple pole single thow, 20 amp, 125 volt

Switch and safety cover   $13.99
This is a copy (reproduction) of a Shopsmith "Sales Manual" dated 1949.  There's no copyright in it but the inside cover has a calander for 1949.  Inside is everything the salesman needed to know to sell a Shopsmith.  Sections include a sales outline, oral demonstration, manual demonstration and closing sales points.  A section on the most likely asked questions with the correct answers is next.  Then the full sales presentation with Shopsmith specs ends the 21 page manual.  This is one of the coolest Shopsmith items I've seen.  Again, this is a reproduction, not the original.
$9.99 plus shipping.
Replacement Quill Feed Levers. 
      1 Lever        $9.49 plus shipping. 
        2 Levers    $18.49 plus shipping.
        3 Levers    $27.00 plus shipping.