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Hogsback Library

The Hogsback Library is situated in Redcoat Lane (off the Main Road) about 100 metres along on the right. This is a tiny, thatched  rondavel, said to be the smallest library in the world.

Everyone is invited to use our Library.   You are invited to register ( free! ) and use the Library as often as you wish!   This includes all young people  and oldies!!

1... The Library is open   Wed 3 -4 pm  and  Sat 9.30 - 10.30 am

2.   A team of volunteers kindly donate their time as a service to this community and we are very grateful for their enthusiasm and dedication.   We thank  Michelle Russell, Gil Morissey, Doreen Meyer, Jenny Parmentier, Anne Webster. Des Meyer,  Cathy O'Shea,  Wendy Thorpe, Susannah Smith, and Lyndsay Walker.

3.   Books are normally borrowed for 2 weeks, but if an extension is needed, it is easily obtained!   A R1 fine per week is applied for overdue books...cheap at the price!

4.   If anyone at HB has NEW books to donate to the library, please let me know.  The Provincial Library Service from Grahamstown has not
provided new books for a while, but despite this, our selection is pretty wide!

5.   If anyone has videos/DVDs to donate...we are trying to start a collection for circulation.

6.   Grateful thanks to the Management of Arminel - they kindly provide us with electricity for the lights - free!

7.   Thanks to the Pledger family for planting and maintaining the Village Green - a lovely setting for our HISTORIC library!

8..   Any queries, please contact
        Lynn Johnston (ph 1192 or at lynchub@xsinet.co.za.)