What's Hog Hill Open Season?!:
After the success of last year's Hog Hill Outlaw Championships it was pretty obvious we had to put on another event, this year we've moved it forward into june for a better chance of warmer weather.

The random racing format for the DH race will make a return this year, but thankfully sped up with the aid of a laptop!

But that's not to say the cones won't be out in full force for both a Dual Slalom & Giant Slalom format as races will also be held on the multi-faceted venue, after last year's epic season it's all systems go for coneheads in 2011!

Did I forget to mention that under 16s attend for free @ Hog Hill?*

A parent/guardian must be present to sign a disclaimer on behalf of any underage riders.

Organized by:
UK Slalom Skateboard Assocation, Hill Sessions Crew

Sponsored by:
Octane Sport, Newton's Shred, London Longboards, Dangerous Decks (more TBC)