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This is the best BBQ I ever had. 
The food is so filling I always take home leftovers and eat them for days.  Highly recommended Great Food!!
Because once a week just isn't enough. -John
Great food, best  beans to dies for, great ribs (can you say fall off the bone, more like run off the bone) brisket was really good too! Thanks for dinner Pitt! I cannot believe I've missed this stuff for that long, not anymore!
Great food. Brisket Burger was amazing. The brisket was juicy and tasty. There sauce was a vary nice touch. Would definitely go back.
This is the BEST BBQ there is... period!-Long rider rvmc
support your local pork pullers!!!....there racks are huge rochester!!   -Adam
  AWESOME. I ate until I exploded, then I ate some more :)-Laurie raymond
Love your bbq sauce and of course your ribs are the best in the world-John

Ribs were excellent.....Sweet sauce, with a slight bite on the underside!-Kenny

 I have been to a lot of cook outs and i have catered to a number of people, but  Hoggin it BBQ has got to be the best.  Break a leg you guys and keep kicking ass.-Jim

 SHUMYUMMMMMMO! Good eats=Good treats.. Congrts Your Ribs ROCK!! :)-Melanie
I love your sauce...........:)-Maranda
I tasted Pitt's homemade baked beans, the beans are yummmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!-Patty

VERY cool site, GIT-R-DONE  !!-Chris
Awesome site guys...-Diane

I Love your ribs you can cook for me anytime. I have never had ribs i enjoyed so much as yours you really got the recipe down to and art form.-Linda 
Dinner was excellent. Those were THE BEST ribs I have ever had. Sauce has a great flavor, sweet and tangy with a little kick. Thanks again for "my birthday dinner." (Everything else was good too.)-Ron
Thank you for your hospitality sneaking me a rib. It was excellent. I will be watching for your sauce.-Bob 
Had a pig roast with a 135lb hog. Crew showed up right on time and did a great job. Food was fantastic and helped make our party a memorable one for all 80 guests. Would not hesitate to use them again.-Ed Van Hook

 I'll tell you what... I lived in Texas for 15 years where they are serious about Bar-B-Q and your ribs and pulled pork are by far the best I have ever tasted.  Texas BBQ has nothing on you !  The combination of the smoking, the heat in the rub and the sweetness of the sauce make an unbeatable flavor combination.  You have definitely come up with a winning combination of recipe and process.  I look forward to the next time you fire up the mobile pit!  All folks have to do is taste your stuff and your success is guaranteed!  Hoggin "It"  BBQ rocks! -Marty

yummy,best bbq in rochester,ny -Heather
will definitely be coming back. the food was great