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Photo Disclaimer

Any images taken by or for the H.O.G.® Cape Town may be used for H.O.G.® Chapter Publications. Chapter publications including but not limited to Chapter and Sponsoring Dealership social media platforms, Chapter Website, Chapter Photo Albums, H.O.G.® notice board at Sponsoring Dealership, or any International H.O.G.® Publication as deemed appropriate.

The Cape Town H.O.G.® Chapter acknowledge that all photos taken by the official or designated Chapter H.O.G.® Photographer are the property of the Chapter and will not be used for any other purpose than in Chapter H.O.G.® Publications (as detailed below).  H.O.G.® Chapter photographs may not be copied or utilised by any other person unless specifically authorised to do so by the Cape Town H.O.G.® Chapter member.

If you do not wish to appear in any photograph or images taken by the H.O.G.® Chapter Photographer it is the member and/or their guests responsibility to remove themselves from any image being taken and inform the H.O.G.® Photographer that they do not wish to have any image of themselves taken or shown in any H.O.G.® publication. Notifications will need to be in writing addressed to The Director  or emailed to and accompanied by a photo of yourself, so photographs can be checked against images before publication. 

By submitting your photos to the H.O.G.® Cape Town committee you waive ownership and all rights, including commercial rights. H.O.G.® Cape Town will publish any submitted media to their platforms through email, Facebook, website or any other electronic file transfer platform and means at their sole discretion.

If you are unable to Add Files below, mail your photos to