These businesses have generously provided their support to the Hand of Fate team. In return we act as representatives for them on and off the field.

Ridiculous prices on equipment and paint. Best Pro Shop in Erie county and beyond. Scenario Sundays twice a month. Unique fields. Come check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Great selection of military simulation soft goods and equipment.


Gateway Farm Freezer Meats                             
Great deals on all kinds of meats. If you want something for a back yard BBQ or a full, half, or quarter beef wrapped and frozen. this is your place to go
.Stop by or give them a call .
(724) 646-0637

567 Rutledge Rd.                                                         Greenville, PA, 16125.                 


Tiberius Arms
One of the original magazine feed marker manufacturers. Offering some of the most versatile paintball markers out there today. Mag feed, Hopper feed, Pistols or Rifles... the choice is yours! Not to mention the sole distributors of the First Strike Rounds closest thing you will get to a true Paintball Sniper!

Greenville Auto Parts
Great prices and customer service. If you need parts for your auto stop by and check them out!
16 South Water Street
Greenville, PA 16125-2270
(724) 588-5510

Your Company Here
HoF is looking for local business and paintball industry sponsors. Contact us for details on how we can provide a positive, motivated, moving and shooting billboard with your company's success in mind.