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Moshe Hoffman is a Research Scientist & Lecturer at Harvard's Program for Evolutionary Dynamics

Moshe applies game theory, evolutionary models, and experimental methods, to try to decipher the (sometimes subtle) incentives that shape our quirky social preferences, and our moral and political 
ideologies (see his tweets for many examples, see his research statement for a justification of this approach, & see this list of 5 big picture questions that drive him).  

Moshe obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and his B.S. in Economics from the University of Chicago.

He, along with Erez Yoeli, designed and teach   "Game Theory and Social Behavior" in Harvard's Department of Economics. 

Working Papers (feedback welcome):

Select Publications:

  • "Why We Obscure Positive Traits and Good Deeds," Moshe Hoffman, Christian Hilbe, Marin Nowak, R&R at Nature Human behavior 
  • "Hamilton's Rule" Matthijs van Veelen, Ben Allen, Moshe Hoffman, Burt Simons, Carl Veller, Journal of Theoretically biology (2016)
  • Nice summary in Science.
  • "Third-Party Punishment as a Costly Signal of Trustworthiness," Jillian Jordan, Moshe Hoffman, Paul Bloom, Dave Rand. Nature (2016)
  • Related Op-Ed, New Tork Times, Jillian Jordan Paul Bloom, Moshe Hoffman, and Dave Rand
  • "Game Theory & Morality" in The Evolution of Morality, Moshe Hoffman, Erez Yoeli and C. D. Navarette (2015). 
  • Related satirical piece, mocking the inefficiencies in our moral intuitions, published in EDGE's Annual Question Series: "What to Think about Machines that Think"
  • Related letter in The Economist on how game theory applies beyond conscious/strategic settings
  • "Cooperating without looking: Why we care what people think and not just what they do," Moshe Hoffman, Erez Yoeli, and Martin Nowak. PNAS (2015).
  • Related Op-ed
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