BAA Winchester Weekend

Members of the HoEAS and the former Chelmsley AS have been attending the BAA Winchester Weekend since the early 1970's.  

This is an ongoing project, so photo's will be added over time.  

Sparsholt College,  2016

What happened to photo's from 2014 and 2015?  Oh well, Dawn seemed to be taking photo's of everything this year - well she hadn't been to Winchester weekend for many years, and this was her first visit to Sparsholt - so we put up with it!  Just four below, but I have no doubt more will be coming soon.

The weekend was most enjoyable, with good weather and decent talks. Fifteen members of the HoEAS attended the meeting - the most for a few years I think!   It was the 50th anniversary of the weekend too, and several of our group have been attending for up to 39 years without a break.  Takes some beating that!

This year our Winchester virgin was Peter - a member of just six months.  That's him in the first photo below.  Looks like he enjoyed himself, eh?  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


Peter can't take any more.                    Karen, John and Andrew waiting to be released      Frank prepares for members session                 Two Poyners?  Surely not!

A few more photo's taken with my mobile phone...


These three photos were taken in Newbury Little Chef - possibly the worst Little Chef in Christendom.  The waiter was clearly mad.
John got him going by complaining that he had brought him ham instead of bacon.  As he went away I could swear I heard him
utter the word 'tosser' under his breath.  I was going to complain to the manager, but then thought...fair point!

Ian, John Cook, Richard Sargant and Jermy Shears (behind camera) had the good sense to avoid the Little Chef
and headed off to the local pub for lunch!


In the bar - Jeremy looks a bit bored. Can probably hear Nick and Alan (background right) wittering on about deep sky objects again.
Karen and our beer pusher Graham Darlington in centre, and Karen's chavvy shoes far right.  £70 for those? Bit dear innit...

Andrew M keeps us well fed in the kitchens after the bar closes down.  No wonder we don't 
get to bed until 3am!


Sparsholt College,  2013
Not that many photo's of this trip have emerged yet.  However Ian found this one of him leading Mario and the two Andy's
(and one non-member) into all sorts of nasty habits.  The end result was a very noisy kitchen until after 2am the following morning!

Sparsholt College, April 15-17 2011
The fourth year the Winchester weekend has been held at Sparsholt, and this year we have had been the best weather yet!  
Sunny warm days, and one clear night on the Saturday (after a cloudy evening).  The usual format was adhered too - meeting at 
the Little Chef North of Oxford at mid-day on the Friday, then meeting up with old friend Jeremy Shears once we arrived.  

This was Andy Crossland's first Winchester, and we all hope it won't be his last.  Ian W celebrated his ?th birthday in the early hours of 
Sunday morning, with a cake made for him by his daughter Natalie.  Nice one Nat! The talks were pretty good too, although the major 
event of the weekend (Alfred Curtis Memorial Lecture) was thrown into panic two days earlier when the speaker Chris Lintott let down 
the organisors badly.  I don't think he was missed that much though. No talks on Variable Stars however.  Still, you can't have everything!!


John Williams and his bed time beverages        Andy & Gary in the bar (Ron Arbour with the hat)          Our old friend Nick Hewitt (and we mean old)

Chatting at meal time with friends from Chester AS     In the bar again (do we go anywhere else?)      Andy using one of the many Solar scopes (open your eye Andy!)

Ian's Birthday Celebration - 21 again!

These photographs (except the last one) taken by Ian Williams with his BlackBerry

Sparsholt College  2010

Simon wishing Frank hadn't had beans for Brekkie.               Will this wake him up Alan?                       These two look ripe for a Villa story

       A police identification parade                                 John searching for his dropped penny