Update: We are now home with our little Ethiopian princess. Hopefully I can get around to updating this site and the blog soon, but right now we are enjoying life with her and keeping very busy.

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  • Post Adoption Life Savers
    This is a quick list of resources that I hope will be helpful to other families coming home with young children 0-2.

    Great little child friendly photo album to start telling them their story. (Amazon)

    Great for children who like to have food close by but are still too young for the basket concept.
    I like to keep things like cereal, crackers, veggie sticks, raisins, grapes, etc. to put in these. (Amazon, Target)

    Blanket & Beyond Pink African American Doll Fleece Nunu Security Blanket (eBay)

    Joovy Double Stroller (Amazon)

    Adoption Baby Book (Amazon)

    Posted Oct 23, 2013, 4:14 AM by Emily Hodge
  • Going Home
    I can't believe we are on the edge of going home with our little girl.

    It has been a long time coming, and getting on that plane to head home is going to be the end of a trying but fruitful journey. I know another journey is just beginning, but for just a moment, I want to relish this time.

    The Lord has taught us and grown us so much these several years. The fact that I am at peace and content in a place with so many unknowns is a testament to that fact. He has taken me way beyond my comfort zone, and in this new place, I am thriving on his faithfulness.

    I have so much more room to grow, and I hope and pray I will in the coming years. But for now I am so thankful for this time. And I am so thankful to be at the end of this journey with a beautiful little girl in my arms!
    Posted Apr 17, 2013, 11:05 AM by Emily Hodge
  • Cleared the Embassy!
    I continue to be amazed and surprised that things are happening more quickly than I expected. I guess I have been really good at preparing myself for the worst. Even though I knew we could clear in just two weeks from being submitted, I did not expect it to happen that soon. Just yesterday morning, I emailed the embassy (first time - no I haven't been hounding them ;-) to ask about parent/child finder interviews because I hadn't heard anything yet. Then I went about my day. It was an unusual morning because I was helping a friend in need and went into work an hour late. I was just pulling in to my friend's neighborhood to take her home when my phone rang, but I couldn't get to it to answer it. As soon as I could, I checked my phone, saw THAT number, and rushed to check my voicemail. And then I heard those glorious words, "you cleared!" I couldn't believe it! I was so tickled and couldn't stop smiling. I praised the Lord! I had to pull over to call my husband and then to text our family the good news (and of course put it on facebook). The rest of the day my phone and facebook were blowing up with congratulatory messages! Hallelujah!

    So, we will be on a plane in a few days and our lives will never be the same again. In a way we are all losing something, especially Olivia, but we are gaining SO MUCH MORE! I pray for a smooth trip (and flight home). I pray for her nannies to be comforted. I pray she will adjust and attach well to us. And I pray Lil will adjust and attach to Olivia. But most of all I praise the Lord for never leaving us during this entire process - for being faithful to provide everything we needed in every way - for using us in Olivia's life and to be part of her story - for adopting us into His family so that we would no longer be spiritual orphans.
    Posted Apr 11, 2013, 4:46 AM by Emily Hodge
  • Praise the Lord! Submitted to the Embassy!
    I knew it was coming; I could feel it - that peace coming over me and that matter-of-fact, "let's do this," attitude mixed with repressed excitement just in case I was wrong - I felt that same way just before we received notification of our court date.

    Plus, it is Easter week, and this just adds to my praise and worship of my Lord Jesus! But I would worship and praise Him either way.

    Plus, we were officially submitted on Lil's birthday; Happy Birthday, Lil! Your little sis will be home soon! Who knew that Lil wouldn't be the only one turning four yesterday - the Hodge family took a step closer to "4" too!

    Plus, I just finished packing up the 6-9 month clothes I had put out for Olivia (wamp, wamp - wishful thinking) and washed and put in her dresser 12 month clothes. And with that, I went ahead and got her all packed up for our return trip to Ethiopia - and yes, extra provisions for that long flight back home.

    Plus, I just made the toiletry run at Target to get Matt and I packed up, sans clothing at this point.

    We are so ready for you, Olivia!!!

    Just last night, we were looking at Lil's baby pictures with her and just reminiscing on how great these years have been with her. We paid special attention to her one year old pictures and thought of Olivia and what she might look like and be doing this coming year. How exciting! And then we came across this picture of Lil, taken just at the beginning of our adoption journey.

    She has grown so much since then. And so have we ;-)

    Oh, did I mention that we were submitted to the Embassy?!

    Thank you Jesus! Thank you everyone for your prayers!

    Posted Mar 28, 2013, 4:33 AM by Emily Hodge
  • Restoration

    Posted Mar 11, 2013, 9:00 AM by Emily Hodge
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