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IAME X30 Winter Cup 2016

With LGM X30 Tour on the horizon, the Hoddesdon Kart Club invites all IAME / X30 drivers to the "IAME Winter Cup" at Rye House Kart Raceway on 21st February 2016.

With great prizes at stake & some cracking offers to twist your arm, the club & it's associates aim to restore MSA racing at Rye to its former position as London & the South East’s best venue & club meeting.

The “IAME Winter Cup” will run concurrently with  the first round of the HKC season and with the Club having already secured  more investment into the race track, more organisation & television coverage (details tba) throughout the season,  who's to say IAME's won't want to race at Rye more often....?

As the starting block for many drivers, coaches and teams, the historic Rye House Kart Raceway still to proves a tough challenge producing great racing.

The "IAME Winter Cup" set up in conjunction with James Mills - IAME UK agent, will make a fantastic shakedown for those drivers already entered into the LGM series!

Local businesses are also keen to promote “HKC 2016” allowing a helpful “prize” fund to get the first race of the season on track!

The first 5 IAME cadet finishers will get their race entry back! Sponsored by John Huff of “B.I.N.Kart Team Management Systems Ltd.”

The first 5 Jnr X30 finishers will get their race entry back! Sponsored by Ryan Musk of “B.I.N.Kart Team Management Systems Ltd.”

HKC will release a plan of action for the 2016 season prior to the first race & can assure the drivers there will be a huge amount of effort put into this years racing!

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