Here are the key points for the 2015 London Cup:
  • This year the LC will be on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of September
  • Live timing can be found HERE
  • Last year it was held on one day and we had getting on to 170 drivers and were just a few short of the highest number of entries at an event.
  • This year we're going back to the two day format.
  • This means that the entries will be open to both Senior and Junior X30
  • It also means that we will be able to open it up to Bambinos too.
  • All racing classes will be TQ again
  • Entry fees, will be £140 for members and £150 for non members (Bambino £100 and £110 respectively) 
  • There will be a reduced membership fee of £30
  • Last year it was a one day event at £115 and £125 (inc testing), the last time it was a two day event it was £300 (inc tyres)
  • This year testing will be on Friday and tyres like last year will not be controlled / parc fermé, 
  • The racing formats are on the Info page
And here is the track walk and flying lap from the 2014 London Cup: