Alastair Reece

The Journey so far:-

The Mindfulness Meditation Classes, Courses and Study Days, are a culmination of the directions I have been pursuing for the last 20 years. I qualified as a Doctor of Medicine in 1975. In the late 80's I studied hypnotherapy as a way of dealing with late 20th century stress – my own included. This led to my joining the local Pain Clinic and the realisation that the 'Symptom can behave as a messenger'. As opposed to the 'Symptom as a nuicance that needs instant removal.'

Ericksonian hypnotherapy led to Phoenix airport and a carousel where a fellow traveller said 'Pain Clinic Huh?' What you need is Janet Travel. So Myofascial (muscle and soft tissue) behaviour was added to my interests and in turn this led to acupuncture both Western and Chinese.

Yoga became a natural follow-on from this. I started in '95 for the stretch and exercise. Like so many I was taken by surprise by the stillness and subtle effects that come with the Yoga. I qualified as a teacher in 1998. At the same time I studied Nutrition to see whether this could help the chronic ailments that were flooding into the Pain Clinic. I started and developed a Pain Management Programme at Wexham Park Hospital in 1995. As I write this in February 2010 I am still running it.

It was towards the end of the Masters in Medical Nutrition that a sufferer brought in the details of a website which underlined the importance of the alarm centre and the physiological effects of prolonged stress. That was my 'Ah hah' moment. Nutrition is important but if emotion and internal discomfort are not acknowledged and dealt with 'mindfully' then all the celery sticks in the world are not going to help.

I have simultaneously been studying and researching the other strands to this web including, Yoga, Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture and Meditation. . Currently I am studying Mindfulness as a Strategy for  dealing with Stress and/or Pain with Vidyamala Burch and her Breathworks organisation. This is a fast growing and eminently practical approach to the ailments of the 21st Century.