It is with great honour and excitement that we announce that Gull Lake has been awarded the 2019 Hockey Day in Saskatchewan by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association from January 14-20, 2019. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase our Gull Lake Recreational Complex and everything that it has to offer in our community. All of the funds raised throughout this week-long celebration will be invested back into the Rec Complex to complete much-needed renovations and maintenance.

Our recreation area, with the Gull Lake Rec Complex at its center, is at the heart of many of our activities. One would be hard-pressed to find someone in the community who does not have a connection with the Rec Complex in some capacity. From the players, parents, grandparents, fans, visitors, volunteers, and employees, the Rec Complex provides that much needed facility for a community to thrive and prosper.

The Gull Lake Rec Complex serves a much greater area than just our community and is utilized by residents of 7 nearby communities and the surrounding RMs. Gull Lake’s location in the southwest lends itself to becoming a center for forming teams and hosting events within this corner of the province, thereby building stronger relationships between communities.

From October to March of each year, the Gull Lake Rec Complex has approximately 1100 hours of scheduled ice time. These hours are utilized by our minor hockey teams, the Southwest Cyclones female hockey program, the Gull Lake Skating Club, power skating camps, men’s recreational hockey teams, the Senior Greyhounds hockey team, Gull Lake School, Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre and the community for public skating, shinny and other functions. In addition, the Gull Lake Rec Complex contains a community hall, meeting room, bowling alley and fitness center, all of which are utilized year round for a variety of community functions.

The Gull Lake Athletic Association (GLAA) governs our minor sports, including both hockey and minor ball. GLAA is there to lead, promote and provide opportunities for athletes to participate in minor sports in our community. Together with our Gull Lake Rink Board, we continually work to maintain, implement and build programs for our community.

Developing and maintaining quality programs and opportunities is a priority in Gull Lake. As an organization, we are part of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association, and promote its ideals and programs and access its supports throughout the seasons. We also encourage feedback from our community which is valuable in guiding our decision making regarding the opportunities we provide. We value our local businesses and sponsors who support our programs and projects every year to maintain our wonderful facility. Without generous donations and volunteers, our community would not be what it is today.