Hockema Whalen Myers Associates, Inc. is an independent, full service naval architectural firm primarily involved in commercial and government projects in various sectors of the marine industry.  We provide naval architecture and marine engineering services for tugs, commercial fishing vessels, dredgers, cargo barges, derrick barges, small cargo vessels, workboats and passenger vessels. Our design portfolio consists of vessels 28 feet to 440 feet in length. Our work is balanced between new construction design, conversion design and miscellaneous consulting work. 
Our highest priorities are on issues of safety, practicality, durability and aesthetics, as well as maintaining a keen awareness of the owner and builder's specific needs for a project. Our client list contains high quality commercial marine companies, allowing us to carry out our work with confidence.

August 2018, HWMA designed long-haul tug Sigrid Dunlap enters service.  

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January 2018, the company name changed to Hockema Whalen Myers Associates.

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Tug Technology & Business, has published in their 1st Quarter 2017 edition comments authored by Hal Hockema regarding the Jones Act impact on the Tug industry in the United States.

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January 2017, Hockema & Whalen Associates has published an article on DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS FOR FISHING INDUSTRY VESSELS

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Launch of the Hockema & Whalen designed Sause Bros. barge Kamakani at Gunderson Marine