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Getting to Know Ho Chi Minh City

Throughout its history this city has gone by several names; currently it is known as Ho Chi Minh City, after being called Saigon from the French colonisation until 1976. Situated near the south of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. Tours with experienced companies are the best way to get around and get to grips with the crowded streets, the culture and the hustle and bustle of the city, before you venture out to explore. With its tropical climate that rarely gets lower than 20 degrees Celsius, be prepared to encounter sudden rain showers in the rainy (spring-summer) season. As you stroll with your group around the streets of Vietnam, tours will take you to the most important historical sites, museums and will guide you as you decide what sort of street foods you would like to try.

Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Reunification Palace

Located at 135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, the Reunification Palace is one of the historical sites that should not be missed when visiting this part of Vietnam. Tours to the palace will take you into a time-warp where most of the building was left untouched from the day before Saigon fell. Formerly the Presidential Palace, the war ended when a tank crashed through the front gates, and a replica of that tank now holds pride of place outside. Be sure to check out the basement room with its phones and objects left over from the 60s. There is a café where you can sit a while and contemplate the history the exhibits depict.

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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City

Just a short distance away from the Reunification Palace is the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. As you explore more of this great city in Vietnam, tours will undoubtedly take you to this museum, which was built between 1885 and 1909 and is housed in a building designed by French architect Alfred Foulhoux. Inside, the museum contains a wide variety of artefacts from the Communist period of Vietnam, the French Resistance between 1930 and 1954, and the American Resistance. There are also cultural items from wedding ceremonies and two wooden boats that date back to the 13th century.

Eating in Ho Chi Minh City

Getting to try to exotic local cuisine is one of the most exciting things about visiting Vietnam. Tours to Ho Chi Minh City will take you through the tastes of the city's street food and introduce you to dishes that bear no resemblance to the homogenised Asian food of the West. Be sure to stop by a stall selling Banh Khot, which are fried coconut rice cakes served with pork or prawns on top and eaten in a lettuce leaf. Next, you must try a Banh Cuon, which is a rice crepe filled with a variety of things and often served with a sweet fish sauce. Those familiar with Vietnamese food may already know of Pho, and you simply must pop into any of the shops in the city to try an authentic bowl of this delicious noodle soup. Even if you are feeling less than adventurous but are still hungry for some street food, go for the Banh Mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich based on the French baguette, and is a light and crispy bread served with a variety of fillings.

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Vietnam's Love Affair With the Motorbike

Each Country has its own unique modern characteristics, and Vietnam can be symbolized by the motorbike tours. Motorbikes are everywhere, and 'motorbike' jams are common occurrences in cities like Hanoi, and HCMC (Saigon).

A short ride through downtown Hanoi, the city of lakes, is not only an adventure but a journey into the love affair Vietnamese have with the motorbike. Used as a daily mode of transport, its bike heaven for anyone who loves riding on two wheels, instead of driving on four wheels.

Hanoi's streets can be narrow, and bikes are the best way to get around. They can weave around clogged intersections, maneuver through small spaces, cut corners and basically get you where you want to be quicker than the car.

Motorbikes are also used to transport a wide range of things, from vegetables from the night market, to boxes of merchandise for the local store. Sometimes these bikes seem overloaded- as they somehow head into a sea of bikes, irritating some, whilst astonishing others with the loads they carry.

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour

To everyone in Vietnam, the motorbike is a symbol of freedom. It not only gets you to A to B, but can carry your family to a get together, or kill the boredom of a mundane day by hitting the colorful Cafes in the center of Hanoi. And if you get really itchy feet, take you out of town to Ha long bay.

Along with the motorbike comes fashion. Scooters are the elite on Vietnam's roads, shiny examples of power and beauty, whilst the Honda, the king of the road for many Vietnamese who value its steady performance.

Old kids on the block include revamped Minsk's, refurbished four stroke bikes left over from the Soviet era- a favorite for foreign visitors, and some expats who like touring outside the busy Hanoi streets. Whilst the new kids on the block, are amazing cheap Chinese Bikes, with a dodgy reputation, but exceptionally low price.

There is also a minor fashion industry growing with the local love affair with the bike. Helmets, which some say are unsafe, sold on the side of busy streets, and in local stores.

How to Go Local When Visiting Saigon

For those seeking long lasting memories when traveling, living like the locals during your holiday is the best option. The most captivating adventures do not come from sightseeing, but from real travel experiences. When visiting Saigon, do not try to make the city to accommodate your terms, find a way of blending into the local's way of life. Getting out of your comfort zone helps you get to live a local's lifestyle. The following are ways of integrating into the local way of life in Saigon:

1. Mind your etiquette

Residents of Ho Chi Minh City are very warm, polite and welcoming. They are also very conservative and even superstitious when it comes to dressing and social interactions. In as much as they are relatively tolerant towards foreign cultures, it is appropriate to dress conservatively and be modest with showing some skin. Always remember to take off your shoes when visiting a private residence or any place of worship.

You should also remember to never leave your chopsticks pointing outwards on your plate when you finish eating; it is believed to bring bad luck and is also considered very rude. It is considered polite to leave the chopsticks across the top of your plate. However chopsticks are mostly used in the countryside (you will have no spoons, forks or knives available, unlike the city) so it will not be a big problem if you do something wrong because people in the countryside are very friendly and tolerant with foreigners.

2. Rent a local apartment

Even if you enjoy living in good hotels and getting room service when you visit Ho Chi Minh city, returning to your own house at the end of the day can be quite thrilling. Living in your own apartment lets you cook your own food; you can even invite some of your local friends over for meals and parties. If you want to save more money for your trip, you can ask for living with locals. This means you will live and work with locals. You will have the chance to experience the real life of locals such as harvesting crops (cut and gather rice), watering vegetables, etc. Furthermore, when you live with locals you can enjoy many local dishes such as "Canh chua ca loc" (sour soup with snakehead fish) or "Ca bong kho tieu" (Small fish cooked with pepper). Having your own place basically allows you to enjoy the tempo of local life.

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There are quite a few online real estate agencies where you can view up to date listings of housing opportunities in Ho Chi Minh city. This is quite convenient since you can begin your search for accommodation before you leave your home country.

3. Eat local

Saigon is one of the biggest commercial centers in Vietnam. That is the reason why many people rush to this city with the hope for better lives. As a result, many kinds of food coming from other regions in Vietnam "gather" in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) so visitors can enjoy the many wonderful local dishes such as "Pho Hanoi", "Banh da cua Hai Phong", "Bun bo Hue" or "Banh Xeo mien Trung". Here are some places that can serve you wonderful "Bun bo Hue": Bun Bo Ganh (110 Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 8, district 3) serves from 06:00 AM- 09:00PM and the price for a bowl of Bun bo is from 36.000VND - 66.000 VND. The best restaurants to visit are those named after family members. Visit ethnic eateries which cannot be found in travel guides. These restaurants can be found by chatting up locals in public transportation or in parks. Look for family-run joints which give you the real deal.

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4. Take a scooter tour of Ho Chi Minh city and use local transportation

Leave high end chartered tour vans to the less adventurous travelers. It does not matter if you can afford your own driver, using public transport in Ho Chi Minh city gives you a sense of belonging. It also gives you a chance to interact with the locals and learn a thing or two about the city. Explore the city on a Vespa motorbike to get an exhilarating trip. Taking a bus is also a relatively affordable way to get around the city.

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5. Take strolls around

This is the best way to get to know the city personally. Taking regular walks and interacting with locals along the way enables you to get the true feeling of the local lifestyle.

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Ho Chi Minh Tour Package: Top Attractions and Activities

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, was once considered as the "Pearl of the Far East". This says something about the hidden charm that is only akin to this particular Vietnamese city. For although it is not as romantic as other travel destinations in Vietnam like Hanoi, for instance, this place nevertheless has its own set of characteristic features and point of attractions that places it on equal footing with other travel destinations around the world. In fact, Ho Chi Minh tour package, featuring any of the following top attractions and activities around the area, draw hordes of visitors from around the world, and taking a look at the listed attractions and activities below can help to establish why this is so.

Ho Chi Minh City Tours Photos

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

A sprawl of about 39,000 square kilometers, Mekong Delta is not only famous for its rich biodiversity that supports over 10,000 newly discovered biological species, but it is also known for the unique cultural tradition of the human community that inhabits it. A must see in the Mekong Delta are the Floating Markets. Especially in the morning, visiting the markets through a small sampan together with a local guide will give visitors a firsthand experience of the markets' colorful and relaxed ambiance. Fruits and vegetables from local producers are directly available from the sellers boats, while sampans also serve as mobile cafes offering soft drinks, iced tea, and strong noodle soup.


Cu Chi Tunnels

Located in Ho Chi Minh City Cu Chi district, the Cu Chi tunnels is a large network of interconnecting tunnels. This, in turn, is also connected to other tunnels traversing the underground of Vietnam. The Cu Chi Tunnels was used by the Viet Cong's for military purposes during the Vietnam War. It served as a communication and supply route, food and weapons cache, a hiding spot, a hospital, and living quarters.


Ho Chi Minh Cultural City Tour

Ho Chi Minh is widely noted for its immigrant inhabitants, so a tour around will give visitors an insight into the unique local culture that is a product of various cultures existing in the city. An unforgettable cultural tour of the city includes a visit to several Chinese Markets as well as the magnificent Thien Hau pagoda. Taking an extra step further towards experiencing the local community life, lantern making activity is also offered to visitors.

Ho Chi Minh of course has other equally beautiful and satisfying attractions and activities. The three listed above are just some of the attractions and activities that make traveling in this city a rewarding activity.

Vietnam Tours: Discover Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City Tours offer a wide range of wonderful landscapes to explore, but the cities are equally fascinating and rewarding. Ho Chi Minh City is rightly renowned for its variety, with something different to see and do around every corner. History buffs are spoilt for choice with a seemingly endless supply of museums and preserved houses from across the city's many lives. If seeking religious sites, you can visit mosques and Vietnamese and Chinese temples, pagodas dedicated to local deities, and a French-built cathedral. For an introduction to some of the best attractions in the city, read on.

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Which Museum?

While there are many museums, all offering something different, those visiting Ho Chi Minh City on Vietnam tours may be pressed for time, and might want to be selective, so here are a 'top three' covering three main areas of interest. For ancient and early modern history, the Museum of Vietnamese History offers a range of beautiful artefacts spanning the last few millennia; the display information is incomplete, however, so a knowledgeable tour leader or informative guidebook will be helpful. Those interested in the Vietnamese/American war will find a treasure trove of military hardware, memorabilia, and war artefacts, all fascinating and in places harrowing. The Ho Chi Minh Museum is essential for anyone seeking to learn more about the man who gave the city its name - his life and legacy.

Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Chinatown and Cho Binh Tay

Ho Chi Minh City is home to the largest Chinese community in Vietnam, and anyone with an hour or two to spare on their Vietnam tours can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city's colourful Chinatown. A great place to simply wander and soak up the atmosphere, or seek out nourishing street snacks, it's also the place to go if you want a quality market experience. Cho Binh Tay market caters to the local communities, selling the staples of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, household goods, fabrics and much more - and is generally considered the best place for buying Vietnamese silks. As a wholesale market, it supplies many of the other shopping venues around the city, so is also generally the place to get the best prices for anything that catches your eye.

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