HOBY Michigan is Outstanding!

Founded in 1958, HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. The Michigan affiliate has been operative since 1984.

HOBY's flagship program is a three-day seminar open to high school sophomores from any public, private or home school in the state. HOBY provides students unique leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building experiences. HOBY also provides adults with opportunities to make a significant impact on the lives of youth by volunteering. Annually, approximately 50 volunteers—many of whom are alumni themselves—dedicate their time and skills to helping young leaders realize their own.

Given uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine distribution, the HOBY Michigan leadership seminar planning committee made the decision to hold our 2021 leadership seminar virtually. We are designing our program to be delivered via a learning management system from June 12–13.

This summer our outstanding volunteers demonstrated that we can virtually provide an engaging and educational experience. As always, our highest priority is providing attendees an immersive, entertaining, and inspirational HOBY seminar. Our goal is to make this year as impactful, life-changing and empowering as any other.

HOBY empowers young people to create positive social change through critical thinking and action based on compassionate leadership. We're committed to building young leaders to create a just and equitable future together. We strive to create an inclusive community where all ambassadors, alumni, volunteers, and partners feel safe and heard. #BlackLivesMatter