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Best In The West

The "Best In The West" chess tournament is a tradition with HBYCC being held almost every year since 1982.It is a tournament open to all comers and a chance for club members to match their skills against other players and perhaps win some prize money.Since the first prize is substantial many strong players are attracted to the tournament and often walk away very happy!.The tournament is usually run over a weekend with 5 rounds of slow time control games making for some very good battles between competitors.More popular in the past,in recent years there has been a decline of interest due to numerous other tournaments appearing at around the same time and various other non chess events (once an election was set on the same day).Unfortunately it has been unprofitable in some of the recent years.Even so many notable players have still been participating such as Guy West and world under 12 champ,Bobby Cheng.Club member Tony Davis took over the organisation of the tournament in 2010 and is determined as are many others to make it succeed again.



A Category 1 Australian Chess Grand Prix Tournament

DATE: Sat. August 18th – Sun. August 19th

VENUE: Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre,

5 Sargood St, Altona. Melways ref: 54H11

PRIZES: 1st prize $500 2nd prize $250 3rd prize $150

Players split into lower thirds for 2 rating group prizes of $150

CONTROLS: 60 minutes plus 30 sec per move.

SCHEDULE: Payment of unpaid players up to 10.20am Sat.

Sat. Round 1: 10.30am, Round 2: 2.00pm, Round 3: 5.30pm

Sun. Round 4: 10.30am, Round 5: 2.00pm, Prize-giving: 5.00pm

ENTRY FEE:$70 seniors; early $60

$60 concession {pensioners/full time students}; early$50

$50 juniors {U/18 as at 1/1/2012}; early $40

GM, IM, FM - no entry fee if we receive notice by early bird cut-off

NOTES: Entries received by Tuesday 14th August receive the early-bird discount.

CONTACT: Tony Davis: mob 0408 306 063 or Email:


Report from arbiter Gary Becker:
This year’s Best in the West attracted 34 competitors, including a large contingent of juniors – a big improvement on last year’s numbers. FM Greg Canfell stormed away to the lead and was able to draw his final game against Ari Dale to finish outright first. Equal second were Ari Dale, Kerry Stead, Tony Davis and Max Chew Lee. Rating division winners were Max Chew Lee, and Zoe Harrison from Mildura. Junior prizes were awarded to Kyle Gibson and William Maligin. Many thanks to Tony Davis for organising a very successful and enjoyable event, and to David Cordover for providing online tournament and game displays using Tornelo, and coaching to the junior participants. All games and results are available from


  1   Canfell, Gregory J     2352 fm    4.5 

 2-5  Dale, Ari              1895       4   

      Stead, Kerry           1989       4   

      Davis, Tony J          1876       4   

      Chew Lee, Max          1465       4   

  6   Gibson, Kyle           1478       3.5 

7-16  Ilic, Milan            1705       3   

      Hogan, Steven          1576       3   

      Hibberd, Nathan        1648       3   

      Dyson, Dmitri          1644       3   

      Brockman, Roland       1545       3   

      Maligin, William       858        3   

      Zoppi, Mario           1803       3   

      Kenmure, Jamie         1433       3   

      Gray, Alan             923        3   

      Harrison, Zoe                     3   

 17   Bhat, Vishal           676        2.5 

18-28 Tsagarakis, Angelo     1752       2   

      Chew, Jason            998        2   

      Chew Lee, Alanna       731        2   

      Salazar, Mae                      2   

      Watson, James          941        2   

      Fu, Chris                         2   

      Mullen, Chris          1387       2   

      Zhang, Bobby                      2   

      Martin, Lachlan                   2   

      Dale, Finley           1255       2   

      Chew Lee, Adrian       791        2   

 29   Simon, Endre           1475       1.5 

30-32 Salasan, Haran         726        1   

      Bayliss, Henry                    1   

      Phillips, Max                     1   

 33   Lipp, Joshua           719        0.5 

34-35 Fay, Jamie             753        0   

      Mendes, Amelia                    0   

              Joint winners of  Best In The West 2010  Guy West , Justin Tan and Greg Canfell,
              together with HBYCC member Peter Caissa.