Hoboken Dads

Hoboken Dads is a group that is dedicated to building a community for our children. Hoboken presents certain challenges for parents looking for ways to interact and enrich their kids lives, whether the children are infants, toddlers, or school aged.
Sprung from a Preschool father's group, Hoboken Dads continues in that tradition of hosting events for parents and their kids, performing community service involving parents and children who learn life's lessons and providing a forum where dads can share their experiences and  parenting challenges with one another.
Dads face different challenges and have different needs depending on the age of their children. Hoboken Dads recognizes that and focuses on three groups of kids infant to toddler, toddler, and primary school aged.


What's the Best About Our Club?

The group has really dedicated dads that are involved in making their children's lives and the community in which they live a more welcoming place. 


Everything is on a "give what you can" basis. But someone always steps up and there are never a lack of volunteers or ideas.