- After a number of years as assistant manager, Carl has now been promoted to the top job. He can be recognised by his often brightly-coloured and sleeveless outfits. A fully trained beer festival steward, with experience managing pubs, he likes to drink Guezes, Trappiste beers and very hoppy IPAs. And Rauch beer. And Bock.

John - John is obviously a glutton for punishment, because he took over as deputy manager after Ricky left to brew for Binghams. This means he no longer also works for Cara at The Castle Tap, although he can sometimes still be found drinking there on a rare night off. Buy him a pint of IPA, he's earned it.

Alex - Alex is tall, slim and very much into music. When not working behind the bar or playing chess she is involved in at least two bands. Likes Black Metal music and mostly pale beers.

Wedgie - Easily spotted thanks to her normally bright orange hair, Wedgie is another beer festival steward who moonlights behind the bar at weekends. Sometimes struggles to reach the glasses but can always reach the beer. Likes pale hoppy beers and the colour orange.

Roger - Roger is the relaxed gent who you can see behind the bar on a Sunday afternoon. He likes mid-colourd bitters and classic rock, prog, blues and new wave music. Also into non-league football, because someone has to be.

Merv - The final 3rd of the band Cephelopod (with Magnus and John) and a returning member of staff  -Merv is big and heavily tattood but is lovely really. He likes to drink all styles of beer, but has a particular soft spot for Siren Craft offerings.

Gone but not forgotten

Katrina - Manageress of this establishment from May '08 until September '14, but has now moved on. Still involved in the local CAMRA branch and Beer festival, Katrina can sometimes be distracted by sugar and gin. Her favourite type of beer is Old Ale; she drops in to see us every now and again so we don't have to miss her too much and can still buy her a drink.

Cara - was a semi-permanent fixture, often grumpy. Will sometimes work for Gin, but not here any more. Cara has gone to run her own pub in the town, and at the time of writing is in the process of sorting things out ready to open in the near future. We wish her luck and look forward to having a beer with her in her new place.

- Our very own pocket viking, he isn't ignoring you - he's listening to the Death Metal in his head - extremely partial to Mead and Mild... For something completely different, Magnus has moved to Cambodia.

John -
The Ginger Giant, another 3rd of the band Cephelopod (with Magnus) and a returning member of staff  -John likes to drink... well mostly he just likes to drink. ... John has gone off to be a Lab Rat

Friendly and ebullient, this full-time member of staff likes 80's rock and metal. Watch out for occasional changes of the colour of the goatee. ... Gav has moved to Brecon Brewing.

- Definitely not Australian! Our Southern belle will make an impression, Emily is fond of glowsticks and golden beer.. Emily has moved to the west country!

Mick - Our last boss, whom some of you may know from his days in charge at The Crispin in Wokingham. Mick has many years experience of running pubs and has settled in here like a lead ball into wet cement. He enjoys running and cycling and is a Coventry City fan; he may also like football. Mick enjoys dark ales when he is not giving in to his irrational cravings for lager. ..Mick has now returned to Coventry

JD - Always dapper, JD is another budding brewer and an ex president of the university real ale society. He is also our current staff musician, being accordianista and vocalist in local band The Curious Sounds... JD has moved on to work as a brewer for Bingham's Brewery. JD is now Head Brewer at Wild Weather! Go JD.

Lizi -  Highly decorated with colourful plumage, Lizi likes Mead and Cider. Apart from her skills behind the bar, Lizi is also a talented artist, frequently to be seen sketching in quiet moments... Lizi has moved on to work as a landscape gardener and further her artistic ambitions.

Ricky - Ricky has now been moved up to the assistant manager role.Young, enthusiastic and for a while very proud of not  having broken a glass while working. He had broken loads while off duty though! Ricky is a budding brewer, with beer knowledge beyond his years. Ricky is now a Brewer at Binghams Brewery.

Harry - Hailing from Gloucester, Harry is a second year Reading University student. When not studying or pulling pints you will probably find him somewhere around a rugby pitch. Harry has now returned to his home town and works for the Gloucester Brewery.

Charlotte - Charlotte is another Reading Uni student. Small, (but just able to reach the glass shelf), and sassy, she is from Merseyside. Finished her degree with flying colours and is now being corporate for a living. Still pops in for a beer now and then.

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