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The Hobgoblin aims to promote responsible drinking.
We do not tolerate drunkenness or abuse of the staff - though merriment and ribaldry are actively encouraged.

The purchase of alcohol by Under-18s is an offense and will be dealt with appropriately. We do not allow children in the bar area, it can get busy and might indeed be ribald. You are welcome to bring them in to the booths but please be aware that there may not be space for buggies.

Dogs are welcome if well behaved. A bowl for water is available on request at the bar.

Mobile Phones:
Ideally we would like you to turn your mobile off in the bar area, but please turn it to silent mode and leave the bar if you wish to talk to someone on your phone. If you keep the sound off, the internet and text messages are tolerated.
You are welcome to use your phone in the booths or outside provided you do not cause a nuisance to other customers.
Please Note: MP3 players and laptops are subject to a similar sound restriction.

Please Do Not Drink and Drive - ask at the bar for taxi numbers and bus and train times